Tomatoes Without Plastic

Something is happening in Germany. In the country that has a quite well-functioning recycling system, there is still a lot to do. Now it looks like somebody is really doing something. Up the next week, my local grocery discount promises to sell me fruit and vegetable like tomatoes, apples, oranges and mangoes without plastic packaging.

Recently, one German supermarket started to sell organic bananas with labels instead of plastic packages. This was after consumers and some organizations had asked them to do that. Another supermarket (a cheaper one) then started to use tapes (which is still plastic but less of it). There is a lot of competition between the supermarkets, discounters and organic stores, and it seems, that their marketing people are starting to understand and respect, what the consumers want. Still, there are lots of plastic packages and too less organic foods in normal supermarkets, but I think they are on the right way. How nice that I don't have to go further away …

3 Weeks with less plastic, 1 week without money

Hi! Here are my experiences of trying a plastic free February.

1st week
Eating earlier bought products and collecting their plastic packages. Lot of them. A lot to recycle.

2nd week
Buying healthy organic food without or with less plastic. Still collecting the plastics already existing in the household.

3rd week
First two days, it looks like we produce less plastic than earlier. Then, an accident on a building site: a blackout for two days. After having not been able to cook for two days, I went with my son to McDonald's in the district next to us to eat warm. We produced lots of waste, inclusive plastics, and my son asked if we should take it with us home to take photos. We decided to through it away and I promised to mention this in the blog.

4th week
As much plastics as the first week, then I changed from organic stores to the nearest supermarket to get it cheaper. Not much money left this month. Considering how to get enough proteins for the teenager son. Spaghetti without any…

DIY herb bucket

The second week of February I'm collecting all our plastic waste. I'm not so frustrated anymore since I found out the buckets of my favourite yoghurt can be turned to herb buckets.

DIY herb buckets
1. Clean the yoghurt buckets or other suitable plastic bins.

2. Mix the colour you want to. The acrylic colours are suitable for this project.

3. Paint the buckets. You may have to do it for 2 - 3 times to hide the texts.

4. Start waiting for the spring and dream of your herbal balcony garden. Have a look at your reservoir. Have you all the seeds you may need or do you have to buy some new?

5. Don't forget to clean your brush and palette quickly, the acrylic colours are only washable when wet!

Follow my blog and find more upcycling projects! In the comments, you can tell me about your own projects. Have you managed to reduce waste?

Riikka Johanna